[NA-User] FOC Marathon Logging

N4KG at aol.com N4KG at aol.com
Mon Feb 9 16:12:30 EST 2004

Thanks to Dave, K8CC, for the tip about creating a Contest Rules Template for 
additional customized contests.  All of the necessary information is in 
Appendix A of the NA User Manual.

For the FOC Marathon, I wanted a logging program that would allow BOTH W/VE 
and DX QSO's, count Total Countries, and show RST sent and received plus a 
contest number.

I modified the Template for the ARRL DX Contest which uses the ARRL DXCC List 
to count countries to include the RST sent and received format plus comment 
field, changed the starting time to 2100Z with a 48 hour format, thus enabling 
the ctl-F9 Rate Graph for the full period.  It worked GREAT.

Now all I need to do is figure out how to create a listing of calls and 
number of bands worked to compute the 5 and 6 Band Bonus points!

Tom  N4KG

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