[NA-User] Paddle Port Problems

Robert Pack (NX5M) nx5m at txcyber.com
Sat May 1 20:18:21 EDT 2004

This is happening on both 10.58 as well as 10.59.
New computer has been added to the station.  Setting up for WPX CW I have discovered that when the paddle port is enabled (LPT1) all I can get is a continuous dit-dah-dit-dah.  All else works just fine.
Nothing worked at first until I made changes in the bios.
I have used 3 different interface cables (known to be working) and even one that does not have the paddle port input added to it with the same result.  
Paddle port enabled......it is stuck in dit-dah.  Paddle port disabled......all is well.
What the heck am I missing?
Note:  I have also noticed the same thing on one of the old 120 machines.


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