[NA-User] New Setup on Old Laptop

Hal Offutt Hal at japancorporateresearch.com
Tue May 25 08:29:16 EDT 2004


Ever since I upgraded to a new XP laptop I have been unable to use it for
logging while traveling away from home.  Previously I had a WIN98 laptop
that went everywhere I did and and NA worked perfectly by just clicking on
the NA icon or going into DOS mode.  I still use that old computer for
logging at home but I needed a way to log when guest operating during my
frequent visits to Japan.

This trip, with plans to operate WPX CW, I decided the thing to do was to
pick up an older used laptop, install NA and just keep it here in Japan.  I
brought my old WIN95 CD-ROM from home just in case the computer I bought
needed an OS.  (But I forgot to bring my NA manual.)  Today I went over to
the electronics district in Tokyo and picked up a very nice used Dell with a
Pentium II, 12 gig HD, etc.  It had Japanese WIN95 freshly installed on it.

I copied my NA files to the new computer's HD.  NA wouldn't work in a window
or from MS-DOS, but after reading some of the NA archive messages, I tried
using a boot disk and NA now seems to be working perfectly.

Trouble is, I have no rig here in my place so I can't check to see if the
keying is working.  I have my homemade interface (uses the printer output)
and if I had a VOM, I could easily check to see if the interface was
working, but I forgot to bring it.  Of course, I'll know as soon as I hook
up the computer to my friend's rig on Friday, but I'd like to make sure that
it is working before the last minute.

Can anyone tell me how I can make sure that NA is sending CW to the printer
port?  Is there something I need to do in WIN95 to make sure the keying

(I was thinking I could hook up my flashlight bulb and batteries in series
with the output terminals of the interface to make sure it is sending code,
but I'm a little afraid of messing up something by doing this.)

Any ideas/instructions much appreciated!



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