[NA-User] NA clock and XP system clock

Joseph Potter jpotter at JoiMail.com
Tue Jan 4 22:37:31 EST 2005


I use XP Home and find that I can not get NA to operate properly at all with
it. The clock acts as you describe and the cw keying is useless. The only
thing I have found that works is to set up another partition and dual boot
so you can run NA from a true dos prompt.


Joe KB4N

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Subject: [NA-User] NA clock and XP system clock

> Folks,
> Has anyone run into a situation with NA running in an XP Pro command
> window
> in which the NA clock does not sychronize and keep up with the system
> clock?
> In the ARRL 160M contest, NA's clock would lose 5 - 10 seconds per minute
> such that I would have to reset the clock every half-hour or so.  It
> appeared that the CW speed slowed down as well.
> Is there an NA command that will sync-up with the system clock?
> Thanks es 73
> Roger ...
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