[NA-User] Adding a catagory

Robert Pack (NX5M) nx5m at txcyber.com
Tue Jun 21 23:12:28 EDT 2005

Adding WCF to the sections file is easy.  Simply open up sections.mlt with a
text editor and add it. You just need to be careful to keep things in the
proper format.
Being able to add F (was this it?) to the list of things in the exchange
field is a different matter and will require an upgrade to 10.59 to the best
of my knowledge.

Bob NX5M

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> Am running 10.58 now.....Our computer guru did something to one of the
> files to add CWF as a new section for SS but don't know how to get to
> then....He is on vacation.......What I was asking in first letter how do
> I find the files to make the change and how do I make
> it???????????...............Thanks again
> Ted   K9HUH

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