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>>I plan to operate mobile in the ILQP.  I'll probably hit about 10
>>Please advise how I should setup NA for the 10 different  counties.  Do I
>>need a separate log for each county?
K4PG and I have been using NA in the FQP covering 21 counties for each 
of the past five years.  I wrote a batch file back
at the start that allows me to quickly change logs each time we change 
counties.  It has worked very well for us and allows
that log change to happen in probably about ten seconds.  The log files 
of course have to be set up in advance.  And the
batch file would have to be edited to include the ten IL counties that 
you will cover.  Can e-mail the batch file if you wish..

W4OV and K4LQ used an edited version of my batch file in the CW County 
Hunters Contest earlier this year.  I think the
batch file worked OK for them, but NA had trouble handling the exchange 
format of the contest.

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