[NA-User] Help with installation

BILL STRAW wb0o at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 27 18:21:23 EDT 2005

I'm trying to put NA on a laptop running Windows 95. The lap top only has a CD ROM
drive. I copied the NA floppy to a CD. I made a new folder C:\NA and put the files
from the CD into it. Reboot to DOS, and NA opens up just fine and I'm happy. But....
config opens up to a blank screen that I can't get out of unless I hit cntr-alt-del.
The blank screen has no cursor, no text. Back in Windows I go to C:\NA and double
click on config.exe and it brings up a blank DOS window. I go to the CD drive and
double click on config.exe and it brings up a DOS window with the set up menu just
perfect. Thinking there was a glitch in copying config.exe from CD to C:\NA I
re copied-pasted a few times but no luck.
  Why did NA.exe but not config.exe make it from the CD to the C:\NA folder? 

Thanks, Bill WB0O

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