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Sat Sep 17 18:23:18 EDT 2005

Playing in WA QSO Party (Salmon Run) right now ...

I am running mixed mode, with CW on left radio and SSB on right radio (or
vice versa).

When I am in TX#1 "mode" (left radio = CW) and I hit the ; key to send my
call on radio 2 (right radio=SSB), NA figures out that radio 2 is SSB,
switches everything over, and tells the external DVK to send my call. No
problems. I make the QSO on radio 2, and hit enter. NA logs the QSO
correctly and the screen status bar indicates that everything has returned
to radio 1, but the SO2R box fails to return to radio 1 - the DXDoubler
stays in radio 2 mode, and all subsequent transmissions that should go to
radio 1 indeed go to radio 2.

I can fix it by hitting CTRL-R twice, to switch to radio 2, then back to
radio 1.

Any suggestions?

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Subject: [NA-User] NA 10.59 problem?

> Hi Guys,
> I'd be grateful for your thoughts on a problem I am having:
> Running NA 10.59 on a Laptop computer and doing rig control with a Yaesu
> FT-1000-MP all runs well most of the time.  But once or twice an hour I
> that NA is logging on the wrong band.  When I try to use NA to  select the
> band as the radio it won't respond.  I have to exit NA  and boot up the
> computer again and then NA comes up on the proper  band.
> I thought I was having a problem with my Laptop or 1000-MP.  However,  at
> second QTH I am running NA 10.59 on a Desktop computer and doing  rig
> with a Yaesu FT-1000-Field.  (different computer  and different radio).  I
> having the exact same problem.
> Please advise what you think the problem is?  Is there an NA update  that
> correct this?
> Thanks!
> 73, Dick- K9OM
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