[NA-User] 1061 Issues WPX CW M/M

Robert Pack (NX5M) nx5m at txcyber.com
Sat May 27 19:23:23 EDT 2006

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> > 20m station..........when a dupe call is typed in and the spacebar is
> pressed the keyboard locks up.  This is the only time it happens and has
> been at least 15 times already.  Have to totally shut down the computer.
> Changed keyboards.........no difference.
> Try turning off "Beep on Dupe Callsign" in ALERTS control panel. I have
> experienced this occasionally, even on several versions. It seems to help
> ...
I never have used the "Beep on Dupe Callsign" so that won't do it.
> > Problem 2........10m station occasionally has the computer default to
> 160SSB and will not get back on the right band without shutting down the
> computer.
> An FT-1000? My experience at K8CC (and elsewhere) is that they do not
> communicate reliably. In a pinch, you can disable the radio-computer
> communication by turning off RADIO 1 (or 2) in EQUIPMENT control panel.
> you can use ALT-F1 to put the computer on the correct band and mode and
> operate. While this will keep the problem from happening, the obvious
> downside is not having computer QSY to chase packet spots (not a big deal
> 10m this year, I suspect) and then remembering to change bands on the
> keyboard if that station is also the 160m station at night ...
This rig is a 990.......never have had a problem like this one before.
> > Problem 3.........I have yet to get the operator to write down the error
> message.......but on occasion the computer dumps to a C prompt and
> a total restart.
> ???
> > As a side notation.............moved all stuff back to version 1060 with
> the same results except that we have not seen the problem with the 10m
> station.
> >
> > Only thing different that has been done here is a LOOP network has been
> installed instead of a LINK.
> Be sure the loop is RF PROOF. We have experienced problems with serial
> getting corrupted due to RFI. Once the next computer in the loop receives
> scrambled data, unpredictable things can happen.
> Just ideas ... good luck!
> Don K8BB
Good ideas Don.  Lots of log merging is going to take place after this is
over because the computers have not stayed in sync more than a matter of
minutes the whole weekend.
I think I am through with multi-multi!!!


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