[NA-User] KP4 problem using NA

N4XM Paul D. Schrader n4xm at iglou.com
Sun Nov 26 20:27:03 EST 2006

Help needed.

Just finished CQWWCW contest and noticed during the contest that KP4EJ was
given zero points by the NA program.
I am using NA 10.63 and the 11/22/06 country update files (CTY-1611).

He gave me zone 8 which is OK and means the contact should be valid.

Why was I given 0 points for a contact that should have been 2 points?

A probe of the country.dat file shows special handling for KP4E (and also
KP4N) as they are included in the USA portion.

Why are they there?  And can I delete them both to make the program work

Also I can't find any N prefix?????  Seems wierd.

Help please.

If you understand the programming, these are probably simple questions.

Thanks in advance.

Paul  N4XM

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