[NA-User] CQP file issue

Rob Neece KK4R at cox.net
Sun Oct 8 12:55:42 EDT 2006

Dave and Bob,

Thanks for the responses.  My post was unclear about one thing.  None 
of the counties are accepted as valid QTH.  MARP just happened to be 
the first one I tried to log.

I spent lots of time comparing .MLT files to see if I could spot a 
problem.  For example, the PA QSO Party works fine, so I compared CA 
to PA files with the same extension.  Bob, I will use the character 
count and information you sent me this afternoon and look again at 
the files.  Dave, I wondered if you could explain the program logic 
to me with regard to the files.  First, am I right that it is the 
CALCTY.MLT file that is used for this?  (What is the *.ALI file used 
for?)  Is there some logical reason the file would be functional for 
displaying multipliers (ALT-L) but not work for checking them?


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