[NA-User] CTY-1607 Contest Country Files - 24 October 2006

Jim Reisert AD1C jjreisert at alum.mit.edu
Tue Oct 24 23:53:50 EDT 2006

The Country (CTY) Files were last updated on 24 October 2006.


This is a resend of the original message.  I forgot to upload some
files and fix a link.  The web site is now fixed as of 0400z on 25
October 2006.  If you downloaded CTY-1607.ZIP from the revision
history page, you already have the correct data.  Sorry for any
problems I may have caused.

Here are the release notes:

24 October 2006 (CTY-1607)

    * KC4/K2ARB is Antarctica, CE9
    * TO8RR is Martinique, FM
    * GB5BIG is Northern Ireland, GI
    * GB0GEI, GB2LT and GB75GD are Scotland, GM
    * GB0HEL is Wales, GW
      LU7EGH/V and LW2ENB/D are all Argentina, LU
    * VE2DXY is in CQ Zone 2
    * VK3FY/9 is Christmas Island, VK9X
    * LU/R1ANF is South Shetlands, VP8/h
    * ZK (except for ZK2 and ZK3) is New Zealand, ZL

73 - Jim AD1C

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