[NA-User] Cabrillo to CT version 2.1 Released

Jim Reisert AD1C jjreisert at alum.mit.edu
Tue Oct 31 19:06:52 EST 2006

Version 2.1 of the program was released on 31 October 2006. You can
download it from:


This program converts a Cabrillo log to CT10 .BIN file format. This
program runs only in an MS-DOS (command) window under Windows. This
program replaces the one that wrote a CT .RES file.

Syntax (do not actually type the <> or [] characters):

    cbr2ct <call.LOG> [output.BIN]

If the output filename is not specified, then the output filename will
be the same base name as the input filename, but with a .BIN extension
(i.e. call.BIN). You can type the program name by itself to see the
command syntax. The program will over-write an existing .BIN file with
the same name if one already exists, but you will get a chance to stop
the program before this happens.

This program will read a CT.CFG file found in the current directory to
pre-fill the header information in the .BIN file.  If the file is not
there, you will have to enter the header information manually when you
run CT with the new log. The .ZIP file includes a sample CT.CFG
file. You should edit this with a plain text editor (like NOTEPAD or
WRITE) before running the conversion program the first time.

The program will set the "other radio" flag for QSOs so indicated in
the Cabrillo log. This is the same as typing ALT-Y in CT.

Known limitations:

    * This program has only been tested with CQWW and ARRL DX logs.
      It probably works for other contests that have simple exchanges,
      like CQ WPX or IARU HF Championship.  It certainly does not work
      for ARRL Sweepstakes or Field Day.  I will add other contests if
    * Conversion of the RADIO1/RADIO2 parameters in CT.CFG isn't
      working yet.
    * CT.CFG must be in the current working directory, i.e. the
      program doesn't recognize CTPATH 
    * A future version of the program will extract the CT header
      information from the Cabrillo header.

73 - Jim AD1C

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