[NA-User] PIEXX and TS940

Rob Neece kk4r at cox.net
Fri Apr 6 18:52:09 EDT 2007


Actually, I was expecting to see an option for the TS-940 in NA-CONFIG, 
but I don't see it.  I mistook the Ant Port selection to mean the 
interface port, so that is the source of confusion over LPT ports.  I 
returned to config and set COM2 to xcvr1, so the port issue is OK once I 
get the modem off that port and attach a cable to the motherboard 
header.  Running config.exe and selecting F5, in the top section for radios:

menu           choices
Radio A/B      none
XCVR#1         lots of FT's and IC's, Kenwood1, Kenwood2, and PIEXX930
Ant Port #1    none
XCVR#2         none
Ant Port #2    none
CW port        COM1
Keyer port     COM1
all else       none

Should I select Kenwood 1 or 2?  What baud rate should I use for the 
serial port (COM2)?


David Pruett wrote:
> Rob Neece wrote:
>> I finally got around to buying a PIEXX interface card for my TS940, and
>> it is installed.  Now I am trying to figure out the steps to get NA
>> configured and put it to work.  I have been using a keying interface on
>> COM1.  COM2 is used by a modem, although that is no longer a necessity.
>> LPT1 is available for the cable to the PIEXX interface, but I have not
>> connnected a cable yet, since it looks like an adapter will be needed
>> for the LPT.
>> I ran config just to see what the options were, and it appears that the
>> best choice is to select PIEXX930 (test something like that) for radio
>> #1 and choose LPT1 for the port.  Is this correct, and what else will I
>> have to do, if anything?
>> Rob
> Rob,
> The PIEXX930 option is for the Piexx board which goes into a TS-930.  
> Operationally, it looks like a TS940 to the computer, but since the 
> computer cannot control the mode in a '930, this option makes the NA 
> keyboard mode keys work appropriately.
> I am not familiar with a Piexx board for a TS-940, but my understanding 
> was that it simply fill the role of the (no longer available) 
> accessories required to make the '940 talk RS-232.  In that case, select 
> the TS-940 option in NA/CONFIG.
> NA does not support any rig control via LPT ports; only COM ports.  
> Perhaps the comment in your e-mail was a typo.
> 73,
> Dave/K8CC
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