[NA-User] ts940s control

Rob Neece kk4r at cox.net
Sun Jul 22 22:23:37 EDT 2007

I finally got around to adding a PIEXX board to my TS940sat and trying
to get NA to work with it.  Some things work, and some don't.  After
some experimenting, it seemed like it was time to ask for some help and

What works:
NA reads the band and mode
NA can change the mode

What doesn't:
NA can't read the frequency
NA can't tune the radio
NA can't set the frequency on either VFO

COM1 connected to PIEXX, XCVR1 @ 4800 baud
COM2 used for keying, set to NONE with config.exe
XCVR1 is set to KENWOOD1 (also tried KENWOOD2 and it didn't seem to matter)
COM2 set as paddle and keyer port
no other equipment to configure

Have I made a mistake?  Is this working as expected for a TS940?


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