[NA-User] DVP Issue

Robert Pack, NX5M nx5m at txcyber.com
Sun Mar 18 22:31:38 EST 2007

Not sure if anyone is still using the K1EA DVP....I am.
Encountered my first problem with one today.
On my 20m station, I loaded the messages but when I played them back I heard 95% hash and 5% of my voice.  Thought it might be a cable problem...no.  Re-seated the dvp board, still the same.  Moved the board to another slot....same.
My next step was to go back and copy old voice files from an earlier version of NA into the directory/version I am using now.  Those messages play fine.  My on-air audio going through the dvp is fine.
Seems to be something going on with the cards ability to record clearly.
Anyone ever had a similar problem and knows what to do about it?


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