[NA-User] Computer help

Ralph Parker rparker at dccnet.com
Mon May 28 00:00:46 EDT 2007

I keep an older desktop computer (P-II) in the shack for all my logging and
control purposes, including a W9XT contest card (runs W-98-II, and has the
complete Dos 6.2 if needed). They are almost free these days. I've seen
them sitting by the curb on my junk pickup days. Nobody wants them.
A new desktop computer is connected to the internet for other matters.

Older laptops are cheap too, if you can put up with the port limitations
(only one of each).


>> Problem: I only have one serial port and no parallel ports and I want  rig
>> control and keying control from the confuser. Any one have a similar set
>>up that you were able to accomplish both?

>I bought a cable from k1nu.com that does both CW and rig control from one
>serial port. This actually works well from my windows 98 and 95 computers
>running NA. Irun NA from MSDOS, altho I do boot DOS from a window...

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