[NA-User] Ic 756 pro3, and IC-7000 interface??

David Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Thu Nov 15 00:47:26 EST 2007

Bill Fisher wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am inquiring for Ron AA4S, who isnt on the internet..
> Ron has borrowed a Icom IC756 Pro3, and is trying to interface the rig with
> NA.
> I have downloaded the most recent NA versions for Ron,
> and it doesnt support the Pro3, and also doesnt support the IC7000.
> Ron has been trying to figure out how to add the rigs, unsuccessfully.
> Does anyone has any suggestions or ideas, he is trying to get ready for the
> CQ WW DX CW contest..which will be here shortly..
> 73 de w4grw
> Bill
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The easiest thing to do (and indeed it is pretty simple) is to adjust a 
setting in the Pro III to make the computer think its a different model 
radio.  Let me explain.

ICOM sets up the transceiver computer control so that each model has a 
unique identifier symbol in the command protocols which NA uses to 
interact with the transceiver.  This is called the "CI-V ID".  "CI-V" is 
the ICOM transceiver control interface, and the "ID" is the 
transceiver-specific identifier.

There should be a file in Ron's NA directory called ICOMS.TXT.  The file 
looks like this:

Default ICOM Transceiver IDs
As Of NA Version 10.59

XCVR        C-IV ID (hex)

IC706       48
IC706MKII   4E
IC706MKIIG  58
IC725       28
IC726       30
IC728       38
IC729       3A
IC735       04
IC736       40
IC737       3C
IC738       44
IC746       56
IC746PRO    66
IC751       1C
IC756       50
IC756PRO    5C
IC761       1E
IC765       2C
IC775       46
IC781       26

You might notice the file says "as of NA Version 10.59".  This means 
that these are the ICOM radios supported as of 10.59.  I don't recall if 
we've added any since 10.59, but the file Ron has may be newer.

You'll notice that the IC756PRO is on the list.  The functionality of 
the PRO3 (as far as NA is concerned) is identical to the regular PRO, 
and with a simple menu adjustment on the PRO3, it can be made to act 
like a PRO in terms of interacting with the computer.  Here's how to do it.

If you go into the PRO3's settings menu (I think that's what it's 
called) you find a selection for CI-V ID.  All Ron has to do is change 
the PRO3's CI-V ID (I don't know what its default is) to "5C".  Then, 
configure NA to control an IC756PRO and he should be all set.

I own an old IC756 (non pro) and used this method before NA had a 
setting for it.  I've also used it with the IC746Pro and IC706MkIIG that 
I have.  Works every time.  Its documented pretty clearly in the manual too.

When he's done, Ron can simply set the CI-V ID to the original IC756PRO3 
value and the radio is as good as stock.  If he'll send me the CI-V IDs 
for the 756Pro3 and the IC-7000 I'll get started building these into NA.

Say hi to Ron for me.  He and I had some good times operating from 
Puerto Rico as WP3X along with N4UK and a crew a few years back.  
Egads!  That was ten years ago - how time flies...



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