[NA-User] Need help with using the multiple-file feature in NAQSL

K8mp at aol.com K8mp at aol.com
Sat Jan 19 13:37:10 EST 2008

I'm trying to use the Multiple-file feature in NAQSL for the first  time and 
I keep getting the same error:
"Error 52 occurred in module NAQSL400 at address  04B6:17E9"
FYI: I tried it in 10.63 and 10.65 with the same results
I checked the NA-User archives and didn't see any mention of this problem,  
so I'm assuming that I'm doing something wrong (i.e. a problem with a path  to 
the QDF files or something along those lines).
But after trying every combination I could think of, I've run out of ideas. 
Can someone enlighten me?
Later,  Joe

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