[NA-User] NA10.69 problem in IOTA

David Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Fri Jul 17 11:30:27 PDT 2009

RLVZ at aol.com wrote:
> I had problems with NA10.69 in the IOTA contest last  week.  
> My main problem is that 10.69 allowed me to enter new  Headquarter IOTA 
> locations until I got to about QSO #800.  Then when I  entered a New IOTA QTH 
> and try to save it my computer totally locks up and I get  the nasty error 
> message:
> "Error 09 occured in Module NAS10.69 at address  085A:3D9E".
> Please advise how I can get 10.69 to take the new Headquarter  IOTA 
> locations and score my log properly.  An example of my problem is that QSO # 1034 
> with YV5AJ the proper QTH  is RCV but it won't let me enter it.  
> Can anyone help me correct this problem so I can finalize my log and file  
> it?
> 73,
> Dick- K9OM

I was able to duplicate your problem here.  More importantly, I was able 
to correct it.  And you won't even need a new version of NA to do so :-)

The fundamental issue is that you were a victim of your own success.  To 
explain (and hopefully not bore anybody), NA has to set aside computer 
memory to track multipliers.  In IARU there are 90 ITU zone multipliers, 
and an unknown number of HQ and "ITU officials" multipliers.  NA 
provides for 50 of these "unknown ahead of time" multipliers, and your 
log as it stands right now contains 50 of these multipliers (which NA 
calls "on the fly" because they're added as you operate.

Dick, in the 20+ years NA has been used in IARU, you are the first user 
that I know of to hit this limit.  You are to be congratulated for your 

Fortunately the number controlling the space set aside for these  50 
"extra" mults is built into the Contest Rules Template (.CRT) file.  By 
adjusting this number using the Template Editor program (TE.EXE) we can 
make space for more extra mults and fix your problem.

I've attached to this e-mail a new IARU.CRT file which now provides for 
100 of these "extra" mults.  I've tested this both on the K8CC shack 
computers (which are running MS-DOS 6.22) and my main "big" computer 
(which is running WinXP with NA in a "compatability box").

If anybody is interested, here's the procedure to adjust the number of 
"OTF" or "extra" mults:

- Start the Template Editor (TE.EXE) program which comes with NA.
- Load the IARU.CRT template.
- Using the Enter key, move down to the item labeled "Load Mult Data:" 
in the lower left of the screen.  This item is showing "Zones + OTF".
- Press the Enter key again and a box labeled "Zone Type" opens with 
"ITU" highlighted.
- Press the Enter key again and a box showing "Save Space for how many 
mults" appears.  Enter the desired value and press Enter.
- Start pressing the Esc key multiple times until a box showing 
"Template Filename: IARU.CRT" appears.  Press Enter, then "y".

I would be careful increasing this number any further.  I tested the 
program with space saved for 200 mults, and Dick's file seemed to load 
fine.  However, at some point saving space for more mults takes up 
memory which NA may need for other things.

Dick, if you need any more help with this just drop me a note, but I 
think you'll be all set with the new .CRT file.

73, Dave/K8CC

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