[NA-User] Updated Section Multiplier file available

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Mon Nov 5 10:16:32 EST 2012

Yo Dave,
I ran into a couple problems using the new  file:
1) VE3/VA3 calls default to GTN which is OK as long as  you remember to 
change it to one of the others, if needed. Leaving it blank  would be better, 
if that can be done.
2) VE call areas above VE3 (i.e. VE4 thru VE7, and  probably VE8 ) default 
to one of the new VE3 sections.  ONN, if I remember  right)
FYI: I'm running 10.71 if that makes a  difference.
Later,  Joe
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Users of  the NA Logging Program who plan to operate the 2012 ARRL SS or 
160M contests  will want to go to the Datom Engineering web site 
(http://www.datomonline.com)  and download a new SECTIONS.MLT file.  Recently, the 
Ontario section was  split into four new sections and the old Ontario section 
deleted.  This  new SECTIONS.MLT file reflects the changes and will provide 
correct scoring  with existing NA program versions for the upcoming contests.

See the  home page of the Datom Engineering for more information and to 
download the  new sections file.

Datom Engineering

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