[NA-User] Request for Logs for January VHF Contests (also June, July, and Sept.)

Dave Zeph zephd at indy.rr.com
Wed Jan 30 02:40:42 EST 2013

I maintain a Super Check Partial Database for VHF Contests - primarily for
North American Contesters. Please send me a copy of your Cabrillo Submission
for the January VHF Contest.  I would appreciate Cabrillo Files for the
June, July, and September VHF Contests as well.  I am missing logs from
these contests that I normally have received.

The logs are mined for callsigns to develop a list of active Contester for a
Super Partial Check Database that is usable by the N1MM, RoverLog, WriteLog,
NA, CT, and Win-test Contest Logging Programs.  A Database of Calls / Grid
Squares is also produced for these same Logging Programs. 

Logs are discarded after one year and are NOT shard with anyone.  All I do
is batch process the files you send to build tables of this data.  Various
filters are run after the initial processing to weed out calls - for example
those that only appear in a few logs.  These are most likely "Busted
Callsigns".  For the Callsign / Grid Square Database I try to determine
those who might have been operating as Rovers, but who may not have signed
or may not have been logged as /R or /M.

I now have a way to determine -SK- calls and those that have changed from
the previous Database because of License Upgrades or relocation.
Unfortunately the fellow who wrote my processing software died of Pancreatic
Caner and I am still trying to figure out how to query this database.  If
anyone write a routine to take the total list of calls, bump it against the
newer QRZ XML-accessible Database, and flag calls that are Not-Issued,
Changed (report new call), or -SK- I would very much appreciate it.  I can
provide a a simple, sorted text list of calls and would be very happy if I
could just get a report of these typed of calls.

I much prefer receiving a copy of the Cabrillo you submit to either CQ or
ARRL, but I can deal with ADIF format logs if necessary.

Copies of the various Databases, and an explanation of the different types
is kept at      http://www.k3lr.com/w9zrx/      The trailing "/" I

Please note that my callsign has changed after 60 years from W9ZRX to W9PA.

Please E-Mail the copies of your Cabrillo submittal to    zephd at indy.rr.com

The next release will be before the June VHF Contest.  This year I plan to
update the Database after each Contest.  Last year I was sidelined by
Rotator Cuff Surgery - although I managed (slowly) to use my right hand abd
reverse the Mouse Buttons!

Thanks and 73 --> Dave, W9PA 9ex-W9ZRX

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