[NA-User] June VHF Super Check Partial Files Release

Dave Zeph zephd at indy.rr.com
Thu May 23 01:31:06 EDT 2013

The release of the VHF Super Check Partial Files is available for download
at  www.k3lr.com/w9zrx/ .  Don't forget the trailing "?".

The Release consists of the following ZIP Files:

VHF_USA_SCP_220130523_00.zip	 Calls Only  - Sorted by Call   .SCP File
VHF_USA_DTA_20130523_00.zip	 Calls Only  - Sorted by Call   .DTA File

VHF_USA_CSV_20130523_00.zip	 Calls + Grids Sorted by Call   .CSV File
VHF_USA_DTB_20130523_00.zip	 Calls + Grids - For Win-Test   .DTB File
VHF_USA_N1MM_20130523_00.zip	 Calls + Grids - For N1MM       .CSV File
VHF_USA_ROVERLOG_20130523_00.zip Calls + Grids - For RoverLog .LUP File
VHF_USA_W3KM_20130523_00.zip	 Calls + Grids - W3KM VHFLOG    ADIF File

This release was derived from 176 logs from the June, July, & Sept 2012 and
the January 2013 VHF Contests.  The Super Check Partial Database contains
6,987 calls and the Prefill Database 6,768 calls.

Some comments on the methodology:
All calls are added to the Super Check Partial Database.  Calls that were
logged as /P (Portable), /M (Mobile), and /R (Rover) are not added to the
Prefill Database.  A Utility is used to identify calls not so marked that
appear in multiple Grid Squares.  Calls shown as having operated from
physically adjacent Grid Squares are dropped.  Where the multiple Grids are
obviously a result of incorrect logging in a few Grids, the call is
retained.  When in doubt the call is dropped.

All of the calls in the Database are checked to see if the call is current
issued.  A run of the calls showed 255 were not-issued calls. Of these 7
were -SK-'s and 19 were the result of callsign upgrades.

The big question is always what to do with the calls that only appear in one
log.  Most of the non-issued calls only appear in one log.  However there
are a considerable number of valid calls, 2373, that only appear in one log.
I know some of these to be active operators.  I would like to toss all calls
only appearing on one log, but I have to believe the number would be much

This is a plea to the community to increase participation.  The processing
software simply absorbs the calls of station in the Contest.  There is no
other use of your Cabrillo and you submissions are only kept for one year.

After the June VHF Contest, PLEASE consider E-Mailing you Cabrillo file to
me at   zephd at indy.rr.com

73 -- Dave, W9PA (ex-W9ZRX)

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