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Mon Aug 15 18:14:57 EDT 2016

Contest Cronies,
I started uploading .ADFs from NA long ago. (To LOTW, eQSL, and  qrz)
I have also never had a problem. 
I got away from uploading cabrillos to the online QSL service years  ago. 
Sometimes the E-Log ID got rejected when uploading a log from a home-brewed  
.crt file. I'm sure that happened because I didn't know the correct E-Log ID 
to  use.
This doesn't help you Jim but it's my two cents.
Later, Joe
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I have 300,000+ QSOs in LoTW (including 5BWAS, WAS  "Triple Play", 257 
countries pls 5BDXCC) and every single QSO came from  NA.  I did it using 
Cabrillo files, and never had a  problem.

However, you probably can use your existing NA ADIF files  simply by 
renaming these from *.adf to *.adi.  NA was one of the first  contest loggers to 
add ADIF support, and at that time, the ADIF spec did not  specify a standard 
file extension for an ADIF file.  I chose ".adf", and  much later LoTW 
chose ".adi".  The ADIF file spec has so much variability  built into it, that I 
decided to avoid the issues with my own logs and went  with Cabrillo from 
the beginning.  And as I said previously, never had a  problem...

Dave SV/K8CC
on the sunny island of  Rhodes

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> On Aug 15, 2016, at 2:33 AM, Jim  George <n3bb at mindspring.com> wrote:
> With the help of  K5NA, I'm "crashing into the present" and getting my 
contest logs onto LOTW.  I've been a TR-Log user since 2003, and TR includes a 
utility to convert the  DAT files to ADIF. Prior to that, I was NA and CT 
user for years. Yeah, I  know. Please don't lecture me on converting from 
DOS. I'm set up and it works  for me. Guilty as charged.
> I'm starting on my NA files from  2003, and they generate a file for each 
contest with the "contest.adf" as an  output. I thought that was the ADIF 
format, but the LOTW does not seem to  recognize it. Can someone help me 
convert my NA ADF files to ADIF to I can  load them into the LOTW. Thanks in 
advance. Please reply directly.
> Thanks, Jim N3BB
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