[RFI] Best Low-Pass Filter?

Marty Tippin martyt@pobox.com (Marty Tippin)
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 20:34:35 GMT

Wondering what the consensus is regarding the best currently available
low-pass filter?  

>From my limited research, it looks like Bencher makes a good one -
they claim 80 dB minimum attenuation at 52MHz and higher.  What else
is out there that's as good or better?

I have the MFJ 704 right now and it doesn't seem to be doing it's job
(apparent harmonics from 20m are affecting chs. 2 & 4 from my off-air
antenna). Plus CATVI complaints from the neighbors (I know there are
lots of other issues here - only interested right now in info about
the low-pass filter...)

Should I avoid buying a used filter?  Seems like I could be taking a
risk as you never know what the previous owner may have done to it
(like xmit 2KW at 4:1 SWR, etc.).


-Marty KI0LO

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