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From: kd6zz@juno.com (steve godwin)
Date: Sat, 26 Dec 1998 14:47:41 EST

Your suggestions given to W2YR regarding the problem with keyboard
immunity were impressive. I am hoping that you will be kind enough to
give me some suggestions on another type of problem I have just about
given up on solving. 

I operate the only 220 MHz repeater in Monroe county.  The coordinated
frequency is 224.26 minus 1.6 MHz (which is the standard offset for the
220 band plan. )  We have a local 500 watt AM station here, WKWF, which
is about 3/4 of a mile from my QTH.  When the repeater comes up the
repeater output frequency beats with the signal from WKWF and the
negative component comes in on the input (1.6 MHz).  I have tried
by-passing the coax shield, open stubs, shorted stubs and a helical
resonator-- all to no avail. I am convinced that the problem is not
coming through the power supply or the autopatch phone line. I am using
9913 coax up to a 14 element beam on a 45 foot tower.  I previously was
using an omni-directional Ringo Ranger and the problem was the same with
the Ranger. I am using a set of WACOM duplexers which have been factory
tuned and checked for attenuation. 

This situation makes the repeater almost useless and I am not supposed to
re-broadcast WKLY on the 220 ham band - HI!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Please reply to KD6ZZ@KWest.net.

Thanks and Happy New Year

Steve - KD6ZZ

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