[RFI] RFI and pacemakers

Larry Burke Larry Burke <lburke@wt.net>
Sat, 10 Jan 1998 22:47:39 -0600

That depends. Do you like this neighbor?!

Larry WI5A

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>Got a call from the FCC Thursday and was informed that a neighbor called
>them with a complaint that someone or something is causing interference with
>their pacemaker. I was asked by the FCC to operate on low power over this
>weekend. The party involved is going to have the pacemaker checked out by
>their doctor.
>I was always under the impression that a microwave oven could cause such a
>problem, but never heard of a pacemaker having problems at lower freqs. such
>as 144, 220, 440. The FCC is going to be calling back around Monday or
>Tuesday as a follow up.
>Anyone have any input or ideas on what I can do besides lowering my output
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