[RFI] RFI Computer

Thomas Roscoe Thomas Roscoe <k8cx@infonline.net>
Thu, 29 Jan 1998 19:16:39 -0500

I used to have a computer RFI problem. Every time I would get on 40
Meters, my computer would re-boot (terrible on contest rates). My 40
Meter antenna was an inverted Vee on an 80' tower 20' from the shack. If
I would physically turn the computer on my desk 45 degrees, the RFI
would be gone. I did the ferrite and case grounding which helped 80%.
One leg of the Vee was going close to the corner of the house where the
ham shack is. I moved the Vee to another location and the RF problem was
  Another computer RFI problem: On Field Day, I had my old 386SX out to
do some logging. I set my tent far away from everyone else. I wasn't
even transmitting and the old computer re-boots. Our generator was
stable, I was away from all other antennas, and I was still having an
RFI problem. I did an extra special ground on the case and keyboard and
still no sucess. I put an AC line filter on the computer cord and the
problem was solved. The RF from the other antennas was getting into the
AC extention cords laying on the ground and finding its way into my
tent. This can also be a problem in home installations. 
Tnx fer ur time,

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