[RFI] 2 meter interference in my pho

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Hello, Jack,

VHF interference to wired telephones is not common, but it does happen.  The 
use of indoor antennas does add to the problem.

In general, you will need an RFI filter at each telephone or affected 
device.  In addition, you may also need a separate filter for the handset 
 cord, especially for frequencies about 14 MHz, or a ferrite core (about 10 
turns should do) on the power-supply leads going to any of the telephones, 
answering machines, standalone modems, etc, especially for frequencies below 
14 MHz.

Many telephone filters are not effective at VHF.  K-Com makes one 
specifically for the VHF range.  Contact:

PO Box 82
Randolph OH 44265

Phone: 330-325-2110
Fax: 330-325-2525


Notes: Filter models RF-1 (modular), RF-2 (wired) and RF-1 Coiled Cord (for 

Date of last change: September 4, 1996

The ARRL Web page has a number of interference packages.  Check out 

73 from ARRL HQ,
Ed Hare, W1RFI
ARRL Lab Supervisor
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>Subject: [RFI] 2 meter interference in my phone system
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>I recently added a 50 Watt 2 meter rig to my shack and last night my
>wife politely told me that every time I transmitted (SSB) that she could
>hear me while she was using the telephone (a hardwired one, not a
>I have a discone in the attic (neighborhood restrictions) which is about
>15 feet from the phone line that runs down into my shack.  I suspect
>that the other phone lines for the 2nd story are also in the attic, but
>I think they are buried in the insulation.  I have a surge protector on
>the telephone jack in my shack, but I don't know if it has any RFI
>I have seen ads for "dohickeys" in QST and other magazines that attach
>to the phone or to the wiring are supposed to cure telephone
>interference for around $25.  My question is how many will I need.  Just
>one somewhere in the line?  One at the junction box?  One on every phone
>I also have occasional problems with my home alarm system (also
>hardwired, also has wires in the attic) when transmitting on 15 meters.
>Will these same devices help here as well?
>Any other ideas welcomed.
>73 de KU0KU, Jack
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