[RFI] RFI proof phone?

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Tue, 9 Jun 1998 08:15:08 -0500

al7j@juno.com wrote: 
>A while back there was a post about a Radio Shack phone that was 
>apparently particularly well filtered. Can someone kindly send me the 
>model number? 
Hi Kyle; 
I don't have a RS catalog here at work so I don't have the model number, but I 
bought one of these back when the post came across and they were on sale.  I 
think it's $25 regular price.  It doesn't have any special or additional 
filtering over any other ordinary phones on the market.  As a matter of fact, 
it received interference equally well compared to my Southwestern Bell phone 
of the same style.  I had to add one of the RS phone filters (K-comm mfr?) for 
$20 to clean it up to acceptable levels.  So all together it cost me about $40 
bucks.  For a little more money I could've bought one of those "real" 
bullet-proof phones that does have built in filtering and less electronics.   
There are two mfrs who make RFI proof phones; one is TCE Labs in San Antonio, 
TX  (512-656-3635), & I think the other one is PRO Distributers(?).  I've not 
tried either of these, but they basically make an old fashioned Western 
Electric desk model with added filtering for about $60-$70 range.  I think 
they're guaranteed to be RFI proof or money back.  I should try one of these 
sometime, but don't need a phone right now. 
de ed -- K0iL 

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