[RFI] RFI proof phones

al7j@juno.com al7j@juno.com
Sun, 14 Jun 1998 21:18:39 -0800

Several people asked for a summary of the responses to my request for
information on this subject.

Most respondees liked the Radio Shack model 43-591 for which the list
price is apparently about $25 but some had purchased for less than $20 on

Those that didn't like the RS phone recommended phones from either PRO
Distributors (phone (800)658-2027) or TCE Labs (phone (800)KILL-TVI) both
of which apparently include a money back guarantee and are more

I've not purchased or tested any of the above. I plan to try the RS phone
first simply because it is the least expensive.

Good luck.

73 Kyle AL7J

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