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Subject: Re: [RFI] K1ZM needs help
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On Sun, 15 Mar 1998 10:17:17 -0500, tduffy <tduffy@sygnet.com> wrote:

>>From testimony to date, we have been told that these hobbiest aircraft =
>controlled by a low power transmitter controller operating at about 1 =
watt of
>output power on 27 Mhz.
>The controlling 27 Mhz (1) watt signal essentially guides the hobby =
>maneuvers - while in flight -  allowing it to be safely flown and =
>The questions being raised are whether the establishment of an amateur =
>station with 100 foot towers and full legal power operating on the =
parcel next
>door will cause destructive interference STRONG enough to "override" the
>aircraft controller 1 w signal thus causing the aircraft to crash in =
>1) How valid are the allegations and fears posed?
>2) Will ALL amateur bands likely affect the 27Mhz controller?
>(If the hobbiest planes have a wideband front-end receiver of poor =
>design, an amateur KW signal operating on 28Mhz MIGHT possibly be a =
>Would a harmonic from 14Mhz also be an issue?)
>3) Does anyone out there have any experience with these hobbiest =
>4)Can anything be done to remedy interference/interaction issues that =
>5) Has anyone out there run into this one before?
>6) If interference IS unavoidable, how far must the controller/planes be
>removed from the amateur site for SAFE operation?
>Any guidance/information/assistance would be most welcome at this point.
>Testimony must be given in defense of the amateur position in this =
matter -
>and it will be quite important with respect to a pending application for=
>100 foot amateur towers.
>Thanks in advance to all for reading this message and for the help.  It =
>greatly appreciated.
>73 Jeff
Just a few thoughts, I don't know how helpful they might be:

1.  You have a license to transmit, they don't.  To me, that gives you
2.  I'm sure you're right about the broad front end in their
receivers.  That's their problem, not yours. =20
3.  The height of your towers would have little significance at any
distance where there is a question of "brute-forcing" your signal
through their front end. =20
4.  And finally, they can move their planes anywhere they like while
you are confined to your home QTH.

I hereby grant you permission to put up your towers... :-)

Good luck.

73, Bill W7TI


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