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Mon, 23 Mar 1998 08:57:30 -0600

>When my tv is off, I receive spikes on my HF receiver spaced about  
>54kHz apart (switching power supply?).  They are typically about S9.   
>When the tv is turned on, the spikes turn into broadband noise typically  
>around S4 to S5. 
I have a similar problem with my Sony XBR trinitron TV, but only while it is 
on.  I am lucky that it is quiet when it is turned off!  It's mainly 
bothersome on 17 & 15 meters.  In addition to generating RFI, it rcvs RFI 
quite well too! 
The XBR is a fine TV except for the cheap power supply.  I've had two fail on 
me, and they generate more & more noise until they fail.  I also tried 
wrapping everything into & out of the TV.  It helped on the RFI into the TV, 
but not at all on the noise coming out of it. 
I also considered getting an ANC-4, but have decided to what until I get my 
tower up this summer to see if having the ham antenna further away from the TV 
helps.  I use an R5 vertical on the roof directly above the TV now. 
de ed -- K0iL 

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