[RFI] Copper clad or Galvanized steel ground rods???

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Fri, 1 May 1998 08:53:55 -0500

>Another question, which is better in clay type of topsoil? I currently 
>have several copper clad one out and I assume I should continue to use 
>copper clad on the ones I am soon to add? 
I've used only copper clad rods since pure copper won't go straight into the 
ground here with clay soil.  I usually have to use a sledge hammer to get 'em 
all the way in.  At home I use 8 ft copper clad.  At work I use two coupled 10 
ft rods for 20 feet total.   
Remember to add grounding to tower guys also; yet another path for lightning 
to follow away from your shack. 
I understand the new EIA tower standards now specifies galvanized steel rods, 
but I think that is due to corrosion of tower anchors in certain parts of the 
USA.  Copper clad should work okay for radials in most of the USA.   
There's a company that specializes in this area called "AnchorGaurd".  They 
have a good web page with lot's of pictures of corroded tower anchors and the 
catastrophic results.  Also shows a map that shows the areas of the country 
that have corrosive soils.  You may want to use galvanized steel rods on your 
guy wire's ground rods if you live in those areas.  Apparently Norht & South 
Dakotas have really bad corrosive soils as does alot of Texas/Louisiana.  See: 
 www.anchorgaurd.com  for lot's more info.   
de ed -- K0iL 

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