[RFI] Another Ford question: 1994 Escort

Tom Norris Tom Norris <badger@telalink.net>
Fri, 09 Oct 1998 17:08:20 -0600

Any tricks to getting the broadband noise out of the Escort with the engine
My Escort has S9+ noise with the engine running. Grounding the engine to
frame, hood
to firewall, tailpipe to frame helped a great deal with the "impulse"
noise, though I still
hear it. Will bypassing the fuel pump and sender lines help? I think these
are pretty easy
to get to - under the back seat, just have not gotten to it yet to try. Any
other suggestions 
on making this car HF friendly ( with it running ) ??

As far as interfering with the engine management system or airbag system, I
have the cables
routed way away from any existing wiring harnesses. When transmitting at
the 25 watt level
( Racal Syncal ) I had no problem with either, but should I be afraid to
install a higher power
unit, such as an Alinco DX-70T, or an amp for the Racal? The antenna is
mounted in the very
rear left corner of the vehicle as high as I could get it. 


Tom Norris KA4RKT

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