[RFI] 1.7 mhz noise

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I have the same problems here.  Can someone relate how to control the noise
in an SCR device by modifying the device.  Often neighbors don't want to get
rid of the culprits. Is there a good fix, like putting a capacitor in the
SCR controller, or line filtering? If you have had any success with fixing,
rahter than replacing, please let me know. Tnx,  Bob  N7UA
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Date: Thursday, December 02, 1999 4:17 PM
Subject: [RFI] 1.7 mhz noise

>Its been my experience in 2 separate instances of similar noise that it was
>caused by an SCR controlled device. One was a variable speed fireplace
>blower and the other was a automatic outside lamp control that turned on at
>dusk and got brighter as darkness set in. Both were very broad noise about
>1.7 to 2.2 mhz.
>73 Jamie WW3S
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