[RFI] Snap on split beads; coax high-pass filter recommendations

George K. Watson George K. Watson" <watson@epiloglaser.com
Fri, 3 Dec 1999 09:51:38 -0700

	So there ya go.  I noticed Ferronics uses "Letters" to represent the
material type so apparently the numbers like 43, 77 an so on are not
universal.  B & T material is used for noise (signal) suppression at 0.5-100
MHz while J is 5-500 MHz.  Also K for above 20 MHz (close to 43?) and P for
above 80 MHz (close to 77?).  

There is a direct correlation between the letter designators that Ferronics
uses and the number designators that Fair-rite and Amidon use. The
characteristics of the mixes are identical. The sets of mixes are not
identical as I think Ferronics has a couple of additional mixes not present
in the Amidon/Fair-rite stable.


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