[RFI] FW: ARLB093 FCC intervenes in power line noise complaints

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> ARLB093 FCC intervenes in power line noise complaints
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> ARRL Bulletin 93  ARLB093
> From ARRL Headquarters  
> Newington CT  December 3, 1999
> To all radio amateurs 
> ARLB093 FCC intervenes in power line noise complaints
> The FCC has contacted a West Coast power company to remind the
> utility of its obligation to fix equipment problems that cause
> harmful radio interference. The case involved longstanding
> complaints by several northern California amateurs to Pacific Gas &
> Electric Company regarding severe power line noise on the ham bands.
> On November 22, the FCC's Consumer Center wrote PG & E Senior VP
> James K. Randolph, requesting the company to correct the problem
> ''within a reasonable time.''
> Special Counsel for Amateur Radio Enforcement Riley Hollingsworth
> said the situation involved ''a long history of non-response'' by PG
> & E. He said the hams involved have ''shown a lot of patience.''
> The FCC letter points out that the FCC encourages parties to resolve
> such problems ''without FCC intervention'' but says the FCC will
> step in when necessary.
> The Commission's letter said: ''The FCC has the responsibility to
> require that utility companies rectify such problems within a
> reasonable time if the interference is caused by faulty power
> utility equipment.''
> Under FCC Part 15, utilities and others that fall under its
> provisions are obliged to not cause harmful interference to licensed
> services and to cease operating a device that's causing harmful
> interference upon FCC notification. The FCC said its letter was
> intended as a reminder that the unresolved interference problem
> ''may be a violation of FCC rules and could result in a monetary
> forfeiture for each occurrence.''
> Hollingsworth and ARRL Lab Supervisor, Ed Hare, W1RFI advise that,
> before contacting the FCC to intervene as it did with the PG & E
> situation, affected amateurs first should attempt to work patiently
> with the utility and should contact the League for assistance.
> The ARRL Technical Information Service has prepared a Web page,
> ''RFI--Electrical and Power Line,'' at
> http://www.arrl.org/tis/info/rfi-elec.html. Amateurs suffering from
> interference believed to be emanating from power generation or
> transmission facilities also may contact Ed Hare, W1RFI,
> 860-594-0318; rfi@arrl.org.

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