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In a message dated 7/2/99 11:07:24 PM EST, wa3gin@erols.com writes:

>  Even though the antenna is matched and resonated it appears there is
>  significant RF on the control cable. Tomorrow I will install an RF
>  isolator on the coax feed to the FT-900 transceiver.
>  I will also install a brute force line filter on the power leads in an
>  effort to reduce RF from entering
>  the control cable.  Third I will re-route the control cable as I've
>  discovered the cable runs very close
>  to the main engine computer which may be the reason the engine stalls.
>  Suggestions welcome,
>  dave
Hi Dave,

I had a similar problem with my FT900 and Ford Taurus wagon.  I had the 
transceiver in the cargo area and the control head up front and finally gave 
that idea and mounted the whole radio on the hump.  Problem I still have is
I can't tune my screwdriver on 10m because RF gets into the 12VDC power
leads that go to the antenna.  Drives the thing crazy, gives me all kinds of
wierd SWR readings (flat when I'm powering the antenna but infinite when I
stop!), etc.  Still trying to find a cure for that, but still works great on 
the other

73, Mike K3AIR

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