[RFI] What is Part 15

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Thu, 06 May 1999 15:46:28 -0500


Here's my question to the group.

Can someone explain to me Part 15 of the FCC Testing Procedure?

My particular question deals with "unintentional radiators" such as
computers, monitors, touch lamps, horizonal sweep noise from
televisions. When a device says it has been approved to comply with Part
15 what does that actually mean? Is there a certain amount of RF junk
that is allowed and how do I know if it is within those parameters? My
neighbors TV screams horizonal sweep noise 15.75 khz of raspy a/c note
that is so rich in harmonic content I hear it in the 20 meter band. Is
that with Part 15 guidelines? My own monitor creates birdies through the
HF bands but does say it conforms with Part 15. What does that mean? How
can I prove my case?

My neighbors touch lamp throws out raspy noise thast would make military
jamming proud. This device has no approval listing. Does that mean I am
a victim of "unintentional radiation" that LEGALLY nothing I can do?

Has the electronic industry taken the "low" road making cheap products,
unshielded assemblies put together in Mexico to save a buck? Apparently
so because 10 years ago I just didn't have all this invasion of
non-radio unintentional interference.

Can anyone shed some light on this issue?

No need to suggust I move in the country on the end of a lonely road,
I've thought of that!


New Orleans, Louisiana

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