[RFI] Telephone EMI Filter Sources?

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> From:	Jim Idelson [SMTP:jimi@designet.com]
> My neighbor and I were both VERY impressed with the ability of the Radio
> Shack Telephone Interference Filter to eliminate EMI on our phones. We
> were not, however, impressed with the $19.99 price tag for a single
> filter.
> I have heard that these, or equivalent filters, are available at better
> prices elsewhere. Can anyone lead me to a good source? We will probably
> need 8-10 filters in total.
> 73,
> Jim K1IR
	[Ed-K0iL]  Hi Jim, 
	I noticed your call is very close to mine on CW!  Nice call.

	I beleive K-Com (330-325-2110) is the manufacturer of the RS filter
(which only specs 3-30MHz coverage).  At least they look identical inside &
out.  The single line RF-1 sells direct in QST/CQ for 16.95, and they're
optimized for certain freq bands (like 0.5-3Mhz, 3-30MHz, 26-60MHZ, etc...).
You'd definitely save some bucks for the quantity you need.  They also make
a coiled cord version and the RF-2 is the Hard Wired filtering to install
anywhere w/o modular connectors.  And there's a 2-line version as well. (see
ad on pg 148 QST-Nov).  

	I've had mixed results using both the K-Com & RS filters.  It
depends on the phone I think.  A good combo seeems to be Rad Shack's $20
phone & either filter.  It's cheaper than a "Bullet-Proof" phone.  

	Std disclaimer: I don't work for K-Com nor Rad Shack (although I did
20 yrs ago).  Nor do I own any interest in either.

	de ed -K0iL
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