[RFI] DSL Modem / Line and RFI?

Jon Ogden Jon Ogden <jono@enteract.com>
Mon, 29 Nov 1999 09:04:59 -0600

on 11/29/99 08:51, Ray Antasek - NM6R at nm6r@netfeed.com wrote:

> I have no experience with the DSL lines but ferrite cores where the line
> comes into the computer should do the trick if the line is picking up the
> RF.  This has worked wonders for me on my keyboard, speakers, etc.  GL.

Corect, Ray.

I was thinking about the original poster's problem as well and what might be
happening is that RF may be getting into the modem itself.

I would recommend putting Type-77 ferrites around the power cord for the
modem, around the line coming from the computer to the modem (is it a serial
line or ethernet line? - either way it can be choked).  Get the large cores
from places like Amidon or Palomar and wrap as many turns around it as you



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