[RFI] Motion Detector RFI?

Scott Neader KA9FOX Scott Neader KA9FOX <ka9fox@QTH.com>
Mon, 29 Nov 1999 23:33:18 -0600

I've been a subscriber since January 1999 and have kept all the postings as 
excellent reference material.  I searched these postings, plus the ARRL 
site, and came up with nothing as to "motion detector" RFI fixes.

During the CQWW CW contest, a neighbor called to say that when the antenna 
is pointed his way, I am constantly turning on his motion detecting flood 
lights.  This was happening on 40 meters with 1.5kw output to a 2 ele at 75 
feet.  We have small city lots here, so he is fairly close to me I guess 
(maybe 150 feet NE of the tower??).  I don't know about other bands yet (I 
did a single band contest effort)

Anyway, to the question... any advice for troubleshooting motion detector RFI?

Thanks for the assistance!

73 - Scott KA9FOX

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