[RFI] Report on RFI Problem

Jon Ogden Jon Ogden <jono@enteract.com>
Thu, 27 Apr 2000 23:04:12 -0500

Hi all,

A couple months ago, I wrote about an RFI problem I was having.  I was
receiving wideband noise on frequencies up to 220 MHz.  It was nearly S9 and
was constant.  It totally made packet unusable and weak signal VHF work was

I posted about back in January I believe.  Many of you came back to me with
suggestions.  The most common one was to call the power company.  That I
did.  I told them that I was getting wideband electrical noise on my VHF
communication receivers and that they needed to check out their system.  A
few days went by and nothing changed.  So I called again.  The guy at the
power company told me that they found no interference on the TV frequencies
and that all the transformers in my neighborhood were quiet.  I told them it
wasn't TV frequencies where I had the problem and asked them to look into it

This time the noise went away after a couple of days.  A few days after
this, a power line technician gave me a call at my office.  He asked is I
was still having my problem.  I told him that no, it appeared to be gone.
He asked me where I was having the noise problems.  I told him specifically
where I had listened and found the noise.  He then asked me if I was a ham.
I told him yes.  He then proceeded to tell me that he had found a pole in my
locality that had some insulators that were arcing "slightly."  He said that
he had replaced them.  I thing the term "slightly" was highly exaggerated.
The pole he mentioned is probably 3 to 5 blocks from my QTH!  My immediate
neighborhood has all underground utilities.  The interesting thing is that
there are three or 4 other hams all approximately equidistant from that
pole.  I wonder if anyone else had any problems.

Anyhow, the noise is gone and has been gone for several months now.  I was
just waiting to make sure before posting anything and then I forgot about
it.  Several of you have been interested in knowing my outcome.

There it is.  The power company does listen!



Jon Ogden



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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