[RFI] Just what we need

dgsvetan@collins.rockwell.com dgsvetan@collins.rockwell.com
Thu, 3 Aug 2000 08:01:08 -0500

Greetings to all,

>From this morning's "RF Globalnet News" comes the following news item and

3) 433 MHz License Free ISM Band Products
The nRF402 transmitter and the corresponding nRF401 transceiver enables the
designer of a system to establish a high quality datalink such as a
modem or Automatic Meter Reading for a modest price. -- Nordic VLSI, Tiller


Notice the frequency band (70 cm).  Information on the linked page
indicates these devices could operate up to 10 years on batteries at remote
sites.  One can only wonder what kind of frequency stability these systems
will exhibit, as it would not take much for one of these to clobber 432.1
at the QTH of some unsuspecting  UHF enthusiast.

73, Dale

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