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Thu, 3 Aug 2000 08:42:51 -0600

On Thu, 3 Aug 2000 09:11:27 -0500 bryan@prodistributors.com writes:
> 	The company I work for sales some products that are used to 
> deal with RFI.....there is usually at least one really great story 
> each 
> week or so that comes in from a customer....
> 	" This electronic guy has moved in across the street and 
> ever 
> since he moved in my television and phones won't work.  My 
> cousin works for the police and he went over and checked on this 
> fellow.  He found out that he has two computers and a fax machine
> in his house.  No wonder I am having problems."
> Bryan W5KFT

Here's another one. In the early days of cordless phones, when
they operated around 1.8 Mhz, a neighbor behind us, who had
previously complained about radio interference to her cordless
telephone, rang the doorbell. She had the audacity to say, "I am
trying to make an important phone call, and all I can on my cordless 
phone is YOU, carrying on a conversation on YOUR cordless phone.
Please hang up so I can make my phone call." Honest to God, this is
a true story.

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Big Bear, CA

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