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On 2/1/2000 17:16, EDWARDS, EDDIE J at eedwards@oppd.com wrote:

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>> > Out of frustration she may then take it to court if she has more money
>> than
>> > sense.  She will lose of coarse, but it'll cost you too!  So what I'm
>> trying
>> Don't think so. I believe in these cases you are entitled to
>> recover full costs of defending yourself.
>	[Ed-K0iL]  Hi Ed; I'm not a lawyer, but I don't think you're
>"entitled" to recover full costs in every state or every case.  It may
>depend on how the judge rules in the case.

Ed is correct -- it all depends on the state and the judge. And there's 
no telling how a jury will rule in any particular trial. Juries are funny 

Of course, even if you win and get a judgement for court costs -- YOU 
still have to collect. And that can involve even MORE legal action, MORE 
costs, etc.

(Example, here in Georgia, my mother-in-law won a $212,000.00 judgement 
against a crooked businessman. To date, she's received about $2,000.00, 
which doesn't even begin to cover the interest on the judgement. Nothing 
directly from the crooked businessman, mind you -- merely the proceeds he 
made from a property sale intercepted from a writ of fieri facias)

Disclaimer: I'm not an attourney, but I have paid several thousand 
dollars to employ one.

Legal action is not entered into lightly.

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