[RFI] Cable Modem RFI

Peter D. Vouvounas Peter D. Vouvounas" <wb3fsr@home.com
Fri, 7 Jul 2000 22:17:35 -0400

At last I've found the source of my 30db /S9 interference generator  ---
ComCast Motorola Cable Modem ---

The interference completely wipes out 160M, most of 80M and can be detected
up through about 22 MHz

I could use any information and or experiences in eliminating this source of
interference short of unhooking the cable modem...

Cable modem located in Ham Shack coupled to 10bT hub that feed two
computers - One local in Ham Shack - Second approx. 200 feet  away on next

I utilize the cable modem for cluster connections with my contesting
software (WriteLog) and DXing software (DX4Win) plus may other activities.
The computer and the 10bT hub can not be detected anywhere across the HF
bands -

When I remove the cable from the cable modem all is quiet with cable modem
powered - also with cable modem unpowered no noise can be detected.

XYL has her own machine that is used for university on-line courses around
the clock - she would not allow me to disconnect the cable modem anyway!


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