[RFI] Singing Floodlights

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that rules out a few possibilities. The "singing" is often a result of the
filaments vibrating from a distorted sine wave. Could there be some power
quality issues?
    It's not unusual for all bulbs to go out at the same time. I've been
called out for repairs several times when the customer would say all his
outdoor floodlights worked fine one day, and none worked the next. It
usually happens in new buildings where all the lamps are from one
manufacturer and the same lot, and all the lamps are installed at the same
time, and burn the same hours. A calculation of the operation hours reveals
that it was time for them to go, and they all go at once.
    It's tough to say what could be wrong without being there. You may need
to bring the shack in for observation.
    Jim Smith, KQ6UV

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> Hi, Jim. No, they are not on a dimmer. I have used a number of different
> brands including Sylvania and others.  No particular indication on the
> bulbs other than 75W/120V/680 lumens. Maximum diameter of bulb is about 5
> inches.
> Larry

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