[RFI] line filters

bill thomas bill thomas" <k1xt@hotmail.com
Sat, 13 May 2000 20:35:22 CDT

I use Corcom line filters for ac line interference.  Yes, computers are 
notorious for dirty unfiltered power supplies.  I use the Corcom 10amp EMI 
filters and they have been 100 percent effective in killing the rfi.  In 
fact, I was surprised at just how well they work.  You must have a good 
ground connected to it as with any truly effective filter.  I also use the 
Corcom for flourecent lights and other rfi producers.  The Corcoms use 
across the line and bypass caps as well as several toroids.  The box is also 
solder sealed.  You can usually find these at most any electronic surplus 
store.  I pay $4 for the 10amp models.

73 Bill K1XT
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